FBH – Fulfillment by HamaraDropship

FBH – Fulfillment by HamaraDropship

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well, we are really happy to announce another way to start a business with us and earn from home.

As you know we are the top local drop shipper in Pakistan, lot of sellers are selling for us, and we are wholesalers providing drop shipping services in Pakistan, now we launched FBH – Fulfillment by HamaraDropship, everyone can send us product to our warehouse, we will list on our websites HamaraDropship and HamaraBaazar and our sellers will start selling for you.

When our sellers receive an order they will place them at our website we will pack and deliver your product to the customer, there is no charges for warehouse and packing, you just send us the product we will care for all other things, there are 4 easy steps,

1: Fill Form or Whats-app us.

  • Register your product on our website form or send us message on whats-app.
  • Apne product ko hamare website k form pe register kare or ya hume whats-app kare.

2: Send Us Your Products.

  • After your product approved send us product at our warehouse address given by us & Email/whats-app us product pictures & description.
  • Product approve hone k bad, product hamare warehouse pe bejde jo hum apko denge or product k pictures or description hume Email/Whats-app kare.

3: Product Listing.

  • We will list your product on our website with picture & description given by you & our sellers all around Pakistan will sell for you.
  • Hum apke products website pe lagaenge apke diye howe pictures or description k sat, pore Pakistan se sellers apke product bejne lagenge.

4: Sell & Get Payments

  • Sellers will sell all around Pakistan and you can payout your profit through your favorite payout options. 
  • Pore Pakistan se sellers apke product sell karenge or ap apna profit asany se nekal sakte hai.